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The Style Guide:

Check out the Pinterest El Paso Senior Portraits Style Guide

Something Classy
that will look good 22 years from now

Something Casual –Urban
whatever you wear everyday,
your look.

Something Crazy
fun, wild, edgy…

Identity Clothes
sports, music, dance, art etc.

bring you car, truck, bike,
snowboard, grandma’s sweater,

hair… whatever is you, big and texture is great.
nails… they will be in some shots, have them done!
tops.. bring sweaters and jackets
hats, scarfs, belts, sunglasses and random bling
always look sweet in pictures…

Make up… girls we like an an extra application of mascara, bring powder and lipstick for touch up. Click here for our make up application tips

Brows and facial hair… remove any unwanted brow and facial hair

Tanning… avoid being overly tanned for your skin type as it will add weight to your face. Also avoid sunburns, uneven spray tans and tan lines.

Bumps, blemishes, and shadows… we remove them all, No Worries!

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