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I want to be photographed by El Paso Senior Portraits Studio.
What do I need to do and how do I do it?

• Give us a call at (915) 820-8716 and we will help you get your session scheduled.. Your session fee will be due by credit or debit card to finalize your appointment.

• While we are talking we will also schedule you a return appointment to view your photographs and place your order. Come prepared to make decisions!

• It’s best if just the primary decision makers return for the preview appointment, as too many opinions and voices can stress the situation.

• We do not offer paper proofs. You will view your images onscreen.

• As your photographer probably already explained to you, they will edit the images from your session. They also retouch, crop, enhance and further manipulate your images to provide you with an accurate portrayal of the finished product.

• You will choose from 20-60 images depending on which session you selected; how many images or poses you actually order from depends on what you purchase. Our package Collections have 1-4 poses, adding additional wallets can add you up to 4 more poses; adding the Senior Eclectic (our most popular piece) adds an additional 6 poses to your package collection, and a book can add up to 30 poses! Take time to look over the price list so you can be familiar with these items.

• Images cannot leave our studio until they are paid for. Upon purchase you will receive a printed summary of your order and a CD that can be used to share your images on the web.

• SmugMug is our online reordering site to get more prints of the images you love. Any image you purchase during your sales appointment will be uploaded to the SmugMug site within 48 hours after your sale. This makes it easy to order more wallets, 4×6’s, 5×7’s and 8×10’s at a discounted price. If your portrait investment reaches $3000, all the images you see in your slide show will be uploaded to Web Prints; In addition to 4×6’s, 5×7’s and 8×10’s, you will be also be able to purchase 11×14’s and 16×20’s at a discounted price. At end of your sales appointment you will be provided with exact details on how to access YOUR images on SmugMug.

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